A Simpler Process for Multifamily Financing

There’s so much information to know when pursuing a multifamily housing loan, leaving you overwhelmed and unprepared. Integrity Capital has simplified the process and will lead you through the preparation process so you’re set up to succeed. 

Let Us Handle the Loan Stuff So You Can Focus on Your Project

Integrity Capital becomes your dedicated team of commercial financing experts who work proactively on your behalf to deliver a successful commercial real estate loan. 

Getting the Right Type of Loan for Your Project

There are so many financing options for multifamily housing, which vary based on things like term length, purpose, and amount. Our team has the experience to ensure you get the best deal for your situation.

Making Sure You’re Prepared

Borrowers can face heavy scrutiny in the loan search process, and being underprepared or not having the right information can cost you your loan. We’ll walk you through the criteria you must demonstrate to secure optimal financing from lenders.

Connecting You With the Right People

Finding the right lender is one of the hardest parts of financing commercial loans. When you work with Integrity Capital, that’s not something you have to worry about — we connect you with our niche lender network that’s otherwise incredibly difficult to access.

This Is What Simpler Commercial Financing Looks Like

Using over two decades of commercial financing experience, we’ve honed a process that takes 
stress off your shoulders and gets deals done. 
Share Your Goals
Our initial consultation allows us to get a clear understanding of your needs.
Connect With the Right Lender
Once we have all the details, we’ll underwrite your package and share it with the lenders in our network who align well with your opportunity.
Get Your Capital
With the high chance of securing the financing partner you need, we’ll review the term sheet together and negotiate to close your deal.

What Our Borrowers Say

As it turns out, people are pretty happy when they get to execute their projects.
“Integrity Capital does an excellent job investing time upfront to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every transaction and they follow up regularly to ensure each file moves along as quickly as possible. The net result is happy clients and bankers. They have a good process in place they have fined tuned to ensure information is gathered from clients and shared with bankers efficiently.”
Scott Morris
"With my 30-year career focus, I have dozens of lenders pursue me every year for business, Dave gets an increasing amount of my business, due to 3 primary factors at a minimum: 1) He asks the right questions up front & he sources everything. He knows what fits for particular clients and what doesn't. He then positions that client for the maximum competitive options that fit 2) He operates with the highest level of impeccable, consistent Integrity. 100% of the time. 3) He is good at follow-up. Stays with the deal. I highly recommend Integrity Capital!"
"I've had a great experience working with the Integrity Capital team on multiple loan transactions. They communicate well and deliver on what they promise. The company has lending experience across many industries and sources the conventional or SBA financing that the borrower needs. They have a wide network to get the unique structures done too."
Jeremy Hodgson

Commercial Financing Doesn’t Have to Be So Complex

Whether you’re providing a commercial loan or need financing to bring your project to life, we simplify the process and work tirelessly to ensure everyone is set up for success.