Be Well Prepared for Triple Net Financing

Securing a loan for single-tenant commercial properties can be a tricky deal to navigate. Our team will guide you through the entire process and work tirelessly to help you secure the financing you need.

Know What a Lender Wants to See Before They Even Ask

The better prepared you are, the better your chance of closing a deal with optimal terms. Our team of experts will ensure you show up with your T’s crossed and I’s dotted. 


Tenant Stability

Know which questions lenders will ask about tenants and what they need to see to feel confident about your loan.


Location and Layout

Understand building location and design value from a lender’s perspective so you can best select and position your property.


Lease Details

Have a better idea of the terms you can expect based on the lease agreement and type of company in the space.

Don’t Let a Lack of Planning Cost You Your Loan

Work with a commercial financial consultancy that will guide you through the process and connect you with the right lenders.

This Is What Simpler Commercial Financing Looks Like

Using over two decades of commercial financing experience, we’ve honed a process that takes 
stress off your shoulders and gets deals done.
Share Your Goals
Our initial consultation allows us to get a clear understanding of your needs.
Connect With the Right Lender
Once we have all the details, we’ll underwrite your package and share it with the lenders in our network who align well with your opportunity.
Get Your Capital
With the high chance of securing the financing partner you need, we’ll review the term sheet together and negotiate to close your deal.

What Our Borrowers Say

As it turns out, people are pretty happy when they get to execute their projects.
“I have been a developer of Industrial properties for over 30 years and have developed in excess of 5,000,000 sq. ft. or industrial space. I was referred to Integrity Capital for a project in Chicago, IL. Dave Kotter was highly professional and delivered what he represented he could do. I will certainly use Dave Kotter and Integrity Capital LLC on future deals. I highly recommend them.”
Robert Russell
“Integrity Capital has differentiated themselves and become an expert in helping qualified franchisees to obtain great funding solutions. Please think of Integrity Capital when you have either prospective franchises coming in the door, or also for intra-system acquisition. They were awesome to work with and now we are full owners of our franchise! Thanks Dave!”
Derek Henderson
“Integrity Capital is straightforward to work with, highly skilled with integrity and ethics, and most important Integrity Capital LLC always does what they say they will do and generates results in one of the most challenging and competitive real estate markets in history. One of the things I like most about working with them is finding solutions to issues before I even know there may be an underlying issue.”
Danny Kahn

Commercial Financing Doesn’t Have to Be So Complex

Whether you’re providing a commercial loan or need financing to bring your project to life, we simplify the process and work tirelessly to ensure everyone is set up for success.