A Steady Flow of Deals That Are Right for You

Most commercial mortgage brokers send deals without vetting and organizing the package well, leaving you with the headache of analyzing a messy stack of bad situations.

Integrity Capital uses a rigorous due diligence process to deliver a steady flow of deals that are right for you in a well-structured package you can easily review.

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See More Strong Deals

We only send handpicked and pre-vetted opportunities that align with what you want.

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Review Opportunities Quickly

Well-organized packages make it easy to decide if it’s the right deal for you.

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Have a Simpler Process

We’ve refined every aspect of the commercial financing process to make it simpler and less stressful.

No Surprises

Once in a while, you'll find the perfect deal without major red flags. But most have at least one or two dilemmas; that’s okay. The real issues happen when they’re hidden from you and surface as a surprise at the worst possible time. That’s why we identify and point them out early, so you’re aware of any risks or concerns upfront.


In this game, speed bumps are inevitable. What makes our partnerships consistently successful is the ability to spot them on the horizon and bring solutions to mitigate them.

Dedicated to You

We don’t believe in the shotgun approach of sending the same deal to the masses. If we see an opportunity that looks right for you, we’ll confirm your interest and be transparent about our other interested groups.

We Handle Problems Before They Happen

We’ve packed decades of experience into a simple process to bring you risk-adjusted deals in a clearly presented package that answers your questions before you even ask them.
We take the time to find out the type of opportunities you’re looking for, and that’s the standard we use moving forward to ensure we send you deals you’ll be excited about.
Deal Awareness
When we find something that fits within your parameters, we’ll connect to figure out if it’s the right deal for you.
After our team uncovers all the information around an opportunity, we’ll organize all of the data you want and need into a clearly presented package for you to review.

What Our Lenders Say

Our goal is to bring undisputed value to lenders. 
Based on the reviews, we think we’re on the right track.
“I have worked with David Kotter and Integrity Capital for many years. Through good markets and not so good markets, David has always been there to meet our financing needs in a prompt, dependable and professional manner. I have recommended David to several acquaintances and will continue to do so because the reports have always come back as 100% Professional!!”
David Alcorn
“I have worked with Dave on a few deals that he’s got me involved with and others that I sent his direction. I know that when I refer clients his direction, they will be taken care of and will be thoroughly informed throughout the whole lending process. Integrity Capital is a great company to do business with!”
Mike Park
“If it wasn’t for Integrity Capital my family’s business would be no longer. They stepped up countless times, ensuring timelines were maintained, relaying real time information, and helped at every hurdle we faced during the loan process. Faced with what seemed like impossible odds to finalize the loan prior to the foreclosure, Integrity Capital took the challenge and finished with time to spare.”
Hunter Jones

Commercial Financing Doesn’t Have to Be So Complex

Whether you’re providing a commercial loan or need financing to bring your project to life, we simplify the process and work tirelessly to ensure everyone is set up for success.