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1. Caught in a bind with a balloon coming up and the lender seems to be non responsive?

Solution: Take the higher road and contact the Chief Credit Officer and ask them for a face to face. Being proactive will put you light years ahead.

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The Mechanics of Underwriting

Hot Money - Permanent Financing
Index: 10 year Treas
Spread 191
All in Interest Rate: Market
Amortization 25 years
Term: 10 years
Fixed Period 5 years
Origination fees 2.00%
Prepayment None
Closing times 60 days

This is a great program with 5,7 and 10 year fixed programs.

Owner Occupied Long Term Fixed
Index: Prime
Spread 175
All in Interest Rate: Market
Amortization 25
Term: 25
Fixed Period 25
Origination fees 1%
LTV/LTC: 90%
Prepayment 5,3,1
Closing times 60 days

This is an SBA loan and is fixed for 25 years!


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Week of 2/13/19

Apartment Rates:
4.46 to 4.51%

Commercial Investment Rates:
4.75 to 5.25%

Owner Occupied Commercial Rates:
4.6% to 5.05%

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