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1. Just got your loan declined from a Bank.

Solution: Ask them what it takes to get a yes, or ask them to walk you through the reasons why. You will be surprised how often there is a mistake that could change the outcome.

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Dos and Don'ts of SBA Financing

How to Get a Loan for a Commercial Property

Hot Money - Permanent Financing
Index: 7 year internal index
Spread Internal
All in Interest Rate: 4.25%
Amortization 25 years
Term: 7 years
Fixed Period 7 years
Origination fees 1.25%
Prepayment None
Closing times 60 days

This is a high execution program that will be great to close.

Self Storage Construction
Index: 5 year internal index
Spread Internal
All in Interest Rate: 4.5 to 4.75%
Amortization 25 years
Term: 5 years
Fixed Period 5 years
Origination fees 2%
LTV/LTC: 65 to 70%
Prepayment None
Closing times 75 days

This will be a full recourse loan and needs experienced borrowers!


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