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Affiliate - Insurance

Every project brings with it an automatic need to provide insurance to the subject site. In understanding this, we have taken the initiative to offer a free quote service to assure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck with your insurance company.

Commercial Real Estate Finance

We offer commercial mortgage brokerage services to investors and business owners, whom are looking to either purchase or refinance their properties. Areas include office, retail, industrial, multifamily, etc.

Self Storage Financing

Our team has a background in commercial financing for self storage properties. These are very unique asset types and have the highest degree of lending credibility. Our specialty is helping owners procure financing on this challenging asset.

Direct Private Lending

In different situations there is a need to go "outside of the box" and when the occasion arises we are able to offer some direct internal financing. The key focus here is to provide short term financing with a clear exit strategy for our investors.

Single Tenant Govt Lending

Clients are always looking for solutions on projects that require the federal and local tenants for the underwriting. It is exactly opportunity to utilize our expertise to assist in providing strategy for maximizing your project objectives.

Affiliate - Coop CRES

In the ever changing environment we are in, the need for immediate knowledge of who is lending is critical. This is exactly why we have designed a company that caters to those that see benefit in up to the minute knowledge of the lending market. Please contact us to learn more...


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